Insults and threats: Safia Nolin denounces a Parisian with aggressive behavior

Quebecois singer Safia Nolin has taken to social media to denounce a Parisian motorist who allegedly hurled a cascade of insults and threats after nearly hitting her neighbor while speeding, according to her comments.

“I started filming after he told me: ‘I’m going to fuck you; I’m going to fuck you” while taking his penis”, the singer said on her Instagram page on Saturday, sharing the disturbing videos, showing a flood of insults from the individual.

In the morning, the singer, who is currently in Paris, stepped in to help her neighbor in the 20th arrondissement, after she and her dog were almost hit by a car “going very fast in a traffic area”. 20 km/h ”, he reported on his social networks.

But after instructing the driver to slow down, he allegedly turned around, before getting out of his vehicle to advance towards the woman “in a threatening and dangerous manner”, in his words.

“I intervened to tell him that he was really going too fast and that it was dangerous, and that he had to go. (…) He also threatened my neighbor, telling her that the next time she went to see him, he was going to crush her,” continued Safia Nolin on Instagram.

It’s unclear if a police report was filed, while the singer shared a photo of the man, along with his license plate number, in an attempt to identify him.