IR reform and payroll must be submitted within 90 days after tax

The income tax (IR) and payroll reform must be presented within 90 days following the approval of the consumption reform.

The rapporteur for consumer reform in the Senate, Eduardo Braga (MDB-AM), accepted the amendment of Senator Alessandro Vieira (PSDB-SE) with rule. The report was approved by the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) of the House this Tuesday (7).

In the previous version of the opinion, the bill reforming IR and payroll should be presented within 180 days. The time limit has been cut in half. “I understand that reducing deadlines is worth it and that is why I accept the amendment,” Braga said.

The rapporteur also accepted the article which reduces from 240 to 180 days the deadline for presenting complementary bills regulating consumer reform.

The same article provides that any additional Union revenue resulting from income reforms may be considered as a source of compensation for the reduction in taxes on wages and consumption.

The extraordinary secretary for tax reform, Bernard Appy, commented in an interview with CNN in August on the effects of the article.

“We will discuss income tax and, if there is the possibility of collecting more, the provision says that these resources can be used to reduce VAT and social charges.”

Even if a possible increase in revenue would make it possible to reduce the VAT rate, Appy indicates that the ideal would be to use this advance to reduce social charges.

He emphasizes that this is a personal opinion and not the institutional vision of the economic team.

“I think it is better (to reduce the wage bill), both from a distributive point of view and from an economic growth point of view, that this change is done well. But it will depend on Congress (on the approval of the income measures), because the fiscal situation of the country makes compensation necessary,” he adds.