Israel claims to have hit 150 underground targets in Gaza Strip

The Israeli army said this Saturday (28) that its warplanes struck 150 underground targets overnight and killed the head of Hamas air operations who allegedly commanded the paragliding invasion on October 7.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said it struck what it called terrorist tunnels and underground fighting spaces during a period of very intense airstrikes in the northern Gaza Strip.

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Hamas commander dies

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said this Saturday (28) that a fighter jet attack killed Asem Abu Rakaba, one of the Hamas air operations chiefs who helped plan the 7 attack october.

Rakaba allegedly commanded Hamas operatives who invaded Israel using paragliders, in addition to being responsible for drone attacks on Israeli military posts, according to the IDF memo.

“Abu Rakaba was responsible for drones, UAVs, paragliders, aerial detection and defense of Hamas,” the statement on social media said.

*published by Tiago Tortella, from CNN