Israeli military claims to have attacked more than 450 targets in the past day

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) struck more than 450 targets over the past day, including command centers, observation posts and missile launch sites, as they step up operations in the Strip of Gaza, according to a press release published on Sunday (29).

“As part of the expansion of ground activities, the combined combat forces attacked terrorist cells that attempted to attack terrorist forces and cells that planned to launch anti-tank missiles,” the note said.

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Additionally, the IDF said an officer was seriously injured by a mortar shell in the northern Gaza Strip and was taken for medical treatment.

This comes amid intensifying Israeli attacks on Gaza. On Friday (27), residents of the region described the bombings as the most intense since Israel began its retaliation for the Hamas offensive.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday (28) that the second phase of the war had begun and that his forces intended to “destroy” Hamas, in what will be a “long” war.