Italy will transfer migrants to this southern European country: La Nouvelle Tribune

theItaly adopts new measures to deal with the phenomenon of immigration. In fact, according to statements made by the Prime Minister Georgia Melonithe construction of two detention centers is planned Albania to host migrants trying to reach the Italian coast. According to the head of government, the aim is to control immigration numbers which have almost doubled in the last year since he took office.

According to the data provided by the Prime Minister, the facilities should open next spring and initially accommodate 3,000 people. The centers will have an estimated reception capacity of 36,000 people a year. This measure comes in a context where the political party in power in Italy is facing real pressure linked to the phenomenon of illegal immigration. Since the beginning of the year, more than 145,000 people have arrived on Italian shores since January, compared to 88,000 last year.

“Mass irregular immigration is a phenomenon which (…) the Member States of the European Union cannot face alone”, he declared. melon in a joint press conference with Rama, and added that “cooperation between EU member states and those that are not currently EU members can play a decisive role”.

Remember that it is not the first time that a European country asks another to manage the migration crisis. Great Britain had turned to Rwanda to host the migrants. This initiative caused a lot of noise and provoked reactions from all over the world.