Jennifer Aniston worries her friends after the death of Matthew Perry: “Devastating”

Jennifer Aniston, 54, worries her friends after the death of Matthew Perry on October 28. Partners in the series “Friends” like Rachel and Chandler, the actress would be devastated according to the Page six, as this is the Hollywood star’s second major loss in less than a year.

In November 2022, Aniston’s father, actor John Aniston, aged 89, died. Still not recovered from what happened, she would be the one who would feel the departure of Matthew Perry the most, among the other protagonists of “Friends”.

“Of the other five (actors of Friends), Jen and Courteney Cox are the ones hurting the most, and Jen is probably the one struggling the most,” a source said. Page six.

“This is his second major loss in less than a year, approaching the first anniversary of his father’s death. She hasn’t fully regained her balance yet and now it has completely knocked her over,” he said.

Jennifer Aniston and her father, actor John Aniston / Reproduction/Instagram

Aniston and Perry’s closeness reportedly increased after she agreed to help him with his battle with drug addiction. The actor himself declared in life that the interpreter of Rachel was the one who had “contacted” him the most among the entire cast of the series.

Matthew Perry’s body was found in a hot tub at his home in Los Angeles, US. There were no drugs at the scene and initial toxicology tests did not reveal that the actor had used fentanyl and methamphetamine.

However, a person close to Aniston told the The daily mail that the actress was always afraid of Perry’s death. “Regardless of whether he died as a result of a freak accident or whether it was directly related to his drug problems, it was a day that Jennifer feared for 20 years. It was a constant for her,” he declared.

“No one shed more tears for Matthew during the darkest times of his battle with addiction than Jennifer,” added the same source.