Joe Biden calms things down – La Nouvelle Tribune

THE United States and China they are the two superpowers that set the tone for the world. There is a constant rivalry between Washington and Beijing, and has been doing so for decades. However, relations between the two nations worsened under the tenure of donald trump. In fact, when the real estate magnate was in the White House, tensions ran high with the Middle Kingdom.

The two countries then launched a trade war that strained the global economy. With the arrival of Joe Biden which is much more moderate than its predecessor, things have not improved with China. Washington and Beijing continue to watch each other like dogs. In addition to the commercial aspect, the two giants have many differences when it comes to geopolitics.

This can be seen with the issue of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Tension is also high at sea South China with the case of Taiwan. Beijing believes that the old island of Formosa is Chinese territory and indicates that initiatives could be taken to return Taiwan to its place. Taipei it does not expect that and reaffirms its right to sovereignty. In this sense, the country can count on the unwavering support of its American ally.

The issue of Taiwan is one of the main points of contention between China and the US. Wang Yi, the Chinese Foreign Minister has just visited the United States. This visit is part of a process to ease tensions between the US and China. Wang Yi spoke with Joe Biden and some top US officials. Very little information has been leaked from the meeting between Yi and Biden. However, in a statement, the US president said it is important for the Americans and the Chinese to normalize their relationship to face global challenges.

The tenant of the White House made a particular reference to the situation that currently prevails Middle East enter here Palestine and Israel. For the 46th president of the United States, it is crucial that Beijing activates its network in the Middle East to participate in the pacification effort in the region. Indeed, China maintains cordial relations with Iran, a heavyweight in the Middle East, and this can help create a favorable framework for peace between Israel and Palestine.

It had been a while since a Chinese diplomatic official had set foot on American soil. In fact, we have to go back to 2018 to find any trace of a Chinese foreign minister in the United States. Can we expect a real process of easing tensions between Washington and Beijing after Wang Yi’s visit? We will know more in the coming weeks and months.