List of Brazilians leaving Gaza includes babies and children; See the details

Of the more than 30 people authorized to leave the Gaza Strip this Friday (10) and who will be repatriated by the Brazilian government, 22 have dual Brazilian-Palestinian nationality, nine are Palestinian and two from other countries.

Fifteen members are minors, including three babies and six children. There is also an elderly woman on the list – although she did not appear in the first published version, Itamaraty sources said. CNN that the grandmother of the 18 year old girl Shahed Al-Banna received permission to leave Palestinian territory.

From the names revealed, it is also possible to conclude that there are five families with at least two members each on the list.

The group is waiting for permission to cross the border. Once they arrive in Egyptian territory, they will travel 55 km by land until reaching Al-Arish airport.

There, a plane from the Presidency of the Republic awaits the Brazilians to leave for Brazil.

The first flight with returnees from Gaza is expected to arrive on Brazilian soil next Sunday (12).

Brazilians and their families were on the 8th list of foreigners allowed to leave the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing to Egypt. The conflict in the region has lasted for more than a month. In all, 4,026 people were allowed to leave the Gaza Strip.

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