Liverpool star convinced not to travel to Colombia after parents kidnapped

For security reasons, Liverpool striker Luis Díaz was convinced by family members not to travel to Colombia, due to the kidnapping of his parents, Luis Manuel Díaz and Cilenis Marulanda.

The couple was buying watermelons when they were seized by four armed men. The player’s mother was released upon payment of a ransom of 200 million Colombian pesos (approximately R$246,000, at current exchange rates).

Colombia’s borders are with members of the Colombian army to prevent kidnappers from leaving the country. However, it is suspected that the criminals left the country with Díaz’s father.

The player learned of his parents’ kidnapping last Saturday (28), before the match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest in the Premier League on Sunday (29). The player has been ruled out and has the support of members of the English team.

Colombian police are still searching for the Premier League player’s father. A poster was posted announcing the authorities’ investigation and a reward for anyone who helped find him.

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