MINUSMA fears being caught in the crossfire – La Nouvelle Tribune

In Mali, the evacuation of civilian and military personnel from the UN mission continues to occupy the news. Indeed, while the deadline to liberate their Kidal camp is 31 October, the fears of the United Nations Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in Mali (Minusma) are visibly growing. According to information reported by Radio France Internationale, UN peacekeepers have a plan to continue the evacuation even if it is risky.

According to this French medium, “it consists of forming a long land convoy from Kidal to Gao, the main city in northern Mali. But there are risks, between jihadist attacks and the placement of mines.” This comes in a context where the Malian army is doing everything possible to regain control of the territories initially in the hands of the rebels. According to observers, there is a high risk of clashes after the departure of civilian and military personnel from the UN mission.

The clash could take place between the army backed by elements of Wagner and ex-rebels in a coalition called CSP-PSD. We also remember that a few weeks ago, the Malian army distinguished itself by taking the town of Anéfis. Kidal is the next target for the army. It is also in this context that the United Nations Mission in Mali (Minusma) announced that it had accelerated its departure from the Tessalit camp. He justified this decision by a security situation considered dangerously unstable for his staff. After threatening shots and an incident with a C130 cargo plane, the UN considered the security of its teams to be compromised.