Naldo speaks out after being accused of charging R$50 to take a photo with a fan

Singer Naldo Benny was involved in controversy this Friday (27), after a video went viral in which the singer allegedly charged a fan R$50 to take photos.

After receiving several comments on his social media criticizing him, Naldo spoke out about the video.

“I have never charged to take a photo with anyone or a video. It’s a joke, the video really exists, it’s all over the world. (…) I had already imagined it, but I come here to bring my truth to this controversy,” declared the singer.

“(…) At the time, Strawberry Shortcake (wife) even shouted: ‘take a photo there’. I usually joke with people: “Today is not Saturday, Saturday is R$100 reais, today is R$50 reais”, but it was a joke. The person who made the video knows it’s a joke,” he said.

“Out of pure evil, to gain likes and views, he posted the video, cut it in the moment and let it happen, because right after I said: ‘It’s a joke, bro, are you can take the photo right here, it’s free’. We were coming back from another event, we had a little drink, we were playing with everyone, lots of influencers. And this influencer, I think it’s everything, wants likes and views,” Naldo said.

“And a video with a public person, with expression, will gain a lot of visibility. It made his ego happy, but it’s very bad for me,” he said.

Naldo later released other videos stating that fans who have followed his music career since the beginning know he wouldn’t do something like that.

“Anyone who’s a real fan knows I’ve never done that. I have years of career, if I did that, it wouldn’t just be this person who would post this video, many other people would be speaking out now saying: ‘He also accused me’ (…) I m “I don’t care about this type of ruling, I even think it’s a joke,” he said.

“So why do we who are artists say it’s wrong when there is a comment that offends us, is it a problem or is it a weakness? It’s f##k for us as artists to have to put up with some kind of stupid comment like that in a prank video, I’ve already read it all, I don’t even want to repeat it,” the singer told about the accusations he receives.