Nikki’s Cavaliers in awareness mode for 12th man – La Nouvelle Tribune

The first division championship of benign it was resumed in all stadiums. After the opening match that favored the movement of Loto-Popo (Vice-Champion 2022-2023) at Dynamo d’Abomey, (2-1) the sports union of Nikki’s Cavaliers is always mindful of the consequences arising from last season’s clashes.

For this reason, he organized an awareness session for the fans about the behavior that must be had from now on in the stadiums. The session that took place in the stadium Saka Kina Guézéré brought together all users of the badge club of nikki At the exit, the missing members of the club were remembered through the observation of a short moment of silence and prayer. Later, space was made for the main purpose of the meeting. Acceptance and the spirit of fairplay were the refrains that were the subject of discussion during this stage of the meeting.

At the end, the fans got to know the players who make up the team this season and the coaching staff. As a reminder, protests led to clashes last season and this was the subject of several arrests that have so far not been acted upon. This act of awareness comes at the right time because it will allow supporters to demonstrate exemplary behavior.