No, pedophilia is NOT a sexual orientation, contrary to what some “experts” think.

Just having to specify it in the title of this column blows my mind, but I can’t ignore these researchers, practitioners or research circles who make these kinds of claims. For them, pedophilia would be a sexual orientation.

One of the arguments is to say that pedophilia has not always been prohibited. Which is actually a moral problem, of time, of space! They will give you the example of ancient Greece where grown men had children up to 12 years old as lovers whom they could sodomize without any problem. They were responsible for his spiritual and sexual education.

In fact, these societies have given themselves the right to attack children and adolescents, because they consider them, first of all, as objects (just like women) only good to satisfy their sexual pleasure and establish their male domination . The child was not a person.

An argument that is also received by pedophile associations around the world to claim their right to abuse children.

There is nothing more complex than humans and human science is far from precise. However, the resulting outcomes can have enormous social and human impacts.

Consequently, when a researcher, whose name is often associated with an institute or university, says that pedophilia is a sexual orientation, he must be aware that these comments contribute to validating the pedophile propaganda that is cancerous to our societies.

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Words are important

The word pedophile has always horrified me. It comes from Greek roots”peace”, which means “child” and “philein» what it means to love. In other words, this word can be translated as “beloved children”.

However, a pedophile does not like children. He sees them as sex objects, an accessory. Loving children means wanting their development, their well-being. However, the pedophile knows that he is only looking for the satisfaction of his impulses.

Pedophilia is in no way a sexual orientation. It’s a paraphilia. A sexual preference disorder. By the way, pedophiles can be homosexual or heterosexual. And, for those who say it is a sexual preference towards children under the age of 13, it would be important to clarify to the public that it is a DISORDER.

Words are important!

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Experts who contradict each other

Among these defenders of pedophilia as a sexual orientation, there are those who say it is linked to “brain abnormalities”, “they are born that way”, and others who find that the data is not conclusive enough to establish causal links between it. paraphilia and biological conditions.

A Toronto researcher even made the great discovery (I’m being ironic) that pedophiles have lower than average IQ, poor memory and are more likely to be left-handed or ambidextrous.

Given the complexity of this paraphilia, caution is needed with the terms.