North Korea would have sent 1 million shells: La Nouvelle Tribune

There Russia he increased his stock of ammunition with the help of the North Korea. South Korean intelligence reports indicate that Pyongyang has sent more than a million shells to Moscow since early August. These deliveries, carried out in several terms, aim to strengthen the Russian position in the conflict that links it with Ukraine.

North Korea’s weapons factories are operating at full capacity to meet these Russian orders. At the same time, Pyongyang is intensifying its preparations for a possible satellite launch. Despite technical cooperation with Russia on the issue, the nation of North Korea faces major challenges in improving its missile technology.

Concern in the US

Faced with this military and technological alliance, the United States has expressed its concern. North Korea’s actions have drawn backlash, including from US officials who have warned Pyongyang of the diplomatic consequences of supporting Moscow.

In addition, the technologies that Russia could transfer to North Korea in exchange for these munitions are another source of concern for the international community. It is suggested that Pyongyang could significantly improve some of its military capabilities.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is escalating, with regular exchanges of fire running out of ammunition on both sides. The growing demand for weapons underlines the seriousness of this protracted situation, where each side seeks to strengthen its positions.

However, despite this tense situation, Ukraine is showing signs of resilience. The Ukrainian president has expressed his determination to recover the occupied territories, although the lack of military resources poses a significant challenge in this struggle. A few hours ago, a senior Ukrainian official admitted that his country was at an impasse. Russia, for its part, assures that its objectives would be achieved.