Out-of-control weather: Brazil issues warnings of sweltering heat, intense rain, storms and low humidity.

The hot air mass that reaches Brazilian territory persists this Tuesday (14), keeping temperatures well above normal, according to Climatempo. The heat will increase mainly in the southeast, center-west, parts of the northeast and north and in the state of Paraná.

Thermometers can exceed 40ºC in states like Bahia, Ceará, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Piauí, Rio de Janeiro. Capitals like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Campo Grande could record record heat.

In the south of the country, despite the retreat of the cold front, heavy clouds continue to grow in the region. Climatempo issued a warning of heavy rain and winds of up to 91 km/h in the three states in the region.

Despite the extreme heat prevailing in the South-East, irregular showers are forecast in the afternoon. As well as in certain regions of the North and Northeast.

Weather forecast for this Tuesday (14) / Reproduction/Inmet

The weather remains very unstable in most areas of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, with a predominance of cloudy skies and rain throughout the day, which can be heavy, according to Climatempo.

In the Itajaí Valley, in the southwest and extreme south of Paraná, there are sunny periods with lots of clouds, but rain showers occur at any time. In the rest of the state, the sun appears strong this Tuesday. Heat prevails during the day, but rain showers are expected at night.

Dry air prevails in the region and, despite the heat, few rain clouds manage to form.

In the north of the state of Rio de Janeiro, in Espírito Santo, in almost all areas of Minas Gerais and in the north-central São Paulo, the sun appears strong with some clouds, but there are no conditions for rain.

A few rain showers are expected from the afternoon in the Triângulo Mineiro, Zona da Mata de Minas Gerais, south-central Rio de Janeiro state, west, south-central and east of São. Paulo. But despite this, the sun appears strong in these regions and temperatures remain very high.

Warm air remains over the region, keeping temperatures quite high. However, a change in wind circulation brings some moisture to the Midwest.

As a result, rain showers are forecast to occur in all states and the Federal District. In areas near the border with Paraguay, rains can be intense and heavy. It should not rain only in the far northeast of the state of Mato Grosso, in the areas bordering Tocantins and Pará.

A cyclonic vortex at high levels reduces cloudiness over the northeast, bringing the temperature to exceed 40°C in areas of western Bahia, interior Maranhão and Piauí and also Ceará.

A few rain showers are expected along the coast, from southern Bahia to Ceará, as well as in Zona da Mata and Agreste.

The cyclonic vortex at high levels also reduces cloudiness over Tocantins, Pará and Amapá. These three states spend the day with strong sunshine and it is only expected to rain in the far north of Amapá. Roraima also has plenty of sun and heat, with rain expected only in the west of the state.

In the southwest of the Amazonas and Acre, rain showers will be frequent and at all times, interspersed with periods of sunshine.

In other parts of Amazonas and Rondônia, the sun appears most of the day and there are rain showers with lightning in the afternoon and evening.

(Published by Marina Toledo)