Pork in all sauces

You have never seen an animal so socially mistreated. However, it is harmless. He doesn’t even bite hard, he doesn’t attack anyone. The pig is also called a pig, but we even found it a disgusting name to add the curse to. Yes, the pig, the unloved of life on earth and you have to explain to me why it is used in all areas and often without a real explanation. In any case, I definitely wouldn’t want to be reincarnated as a pig.

Did you know that this gas furnace we use on construction sites in the dead of winter when it’s too cold, well, it’s called a pig. The small ball that is the landmark that we throw before attacking with the big pétanque balls is also a pig.

And it doesn’t stop. You worked in a dirty environment and you come home and people will say you are dirty like a pig.

Do I need to add more to describe sexual daring? They are…


However, the pig lives closely and discreetly in an enclosure and is never heard to complain. To many bandits, the police are pigs and if you eat like an ogre, people will say you eat like a pig, and yet the pig has a very small stomach and only eats small amounts. Don’t want to change your mind? They will say you have a pig face.

It’s nothing. Tonight, if you watch the Canadiens-Boston game, you’ll want to say that Brad Marchand is playing dirty. I’m telling you, in all circles, we don’t let go. Again? You know the tow ball behind your vehicle? What is it attached to? It bolts to the square pig that goes under the car or truck.

Religions reject pork as a common side dish, they will never eat it and dare not even look at it. It’s relentlessness, a human would say. However, notice that the poor pig exists only to please. Their ribs, their roasts, their steaks, their ham are a delight.

In any case, I understand myself.

Two eggs…bacon, please.

  • Marie-Denise Pelletier in an interview: “I have a doctorate in heartbreak.”
  • Please note that Mayor Plante’s Oyster and White Wine Breakfast is canceled this week.
  • According to the mayor of Quebec, public transport in his city is a real CAQastrophe.
  • For the Canadian on game day, it’s the kiki dance. Goalkeeper Kiki a souère.
  • I will go hunting avvurda early.
  • Patrick Roy was spotted in Ottawa on a Quebec City streetcar with a Kings jersey on his OCPM arm.
  • “Does that end the hunting call?” (A deer lying in a hole for a month)
  • Back in the day, Gretzky was so far ahead of the pack that he was player of the week after three days.
  • I look at you there. I can see you at a Gray Cup parade on Monday…Tuesday at the latest and on the mayor’s arm while we’re at it.