Public transportation should be free throughout Quebec

On Sunday in Montreal, dozens of protesters denounced the lack of government assistance for public transportation in the province.

Without additional financial help from the government, opening hours of the Montreal metro could be reduced, according to hypotheses.

I don’t have a car and have been using public transport since I was a child.

It never seemed normal to me to have to pay to take public transport.

Vicious circle

It is certainly not by reducing services for public transport users that we will encourage more people to use it.

If we really want more people to use it, why does it cost so much? And why have many of these networks in the province stalled for years?

We cannot expect that the good will of the population alone will initiate a real change towards public transport.

It is imperative that the government invests the necessary money to make public transport more attractive, comfortable, accessible and safe.

Users deserve better

I find that we ask a lot of public transport users.

Taking public transport regularly can be exhausting: uncertain times depending on traffic or delays, having to bundle up in your winter coat when the bus or subway is too crowded, having to endure the smell of perfume which gives the lady sitting next to us a headache. , the harassment of which we can be victims in the evening, etc.

While these riders ease congestion on the roads and reduce their environmental footprint, the government is not doing all it can to improve the experience of people taking public transport.

The least we could do would be to make this service free.

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