Putin’s promise on Russia’s capabilities: La Nouvelle Tribune

Following a successful agricultural year, the Russia is firmly positioned to maintain its title as the undisputed leader in the field of world wheat exports. president Vladimir Putin recently confirmed during a bilateral forum with the Kazakhstanthat this year’s wheat harvest consolidates Russia’s leading role in international markets, anticipating an export of 60 million tons.

The Russian head of state did not fail to emphasize the excellence of the current harvest, which is a continuation of previous performances. With a preliminary harvest already showing 93.8 million tonnes of wheat as of October 5, there is optimism about Russia’s ability to meet global demand and maintain its supremacy.

A hegemony that does not date from yesterday

Russia’s hegemony in the wheat sector is not new. The Eurasian nation has developed, over the years, an unshakable agricultural powerhouse. The outlook is equally promising for the 2023/2024 agricultural year, with projections reflecting the stability and effectiveness of Russia’s agricultural strategy.

Vladimir Putin’s statements not only reassure trading partners at the agricultural level, but also affirm the country’s determination to remain a central pillar in meeting global grain demand. According to the latest statistics and projections, Russia’s agricultural future looks stable.