Quebecers are like hobbits!

Three out of four, when a tragedy occurs in a house, what do the neighbors say?

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“We could never have guessed it. He was a good boy, a good neighbor, not one word louder than the other, he did his thing in his corner without bothering anyone… We don’t understand what happened…”

This is exactly how Quebecers perceive themselves!

Good people, who do their own thing in their corner, who don’t like fights and who never say a word louder than the other.

How can we explain that there was the October crisis? Polytechnic? Dawson? Metropolis? The Quebec mosque?

Here at home?

A province so quiet, so peaceful?

“We don’t understand, we could never have guessed…”

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It is as if in our imagination we are like the Hobbits.

A quiet town, that just wants to smoke its pipe, drink its cider and sleep in its log cabin.

As if our proverbial “joie de vivre” and our provincial morality would protect us until the end of time from the storms that blow over the rest of the planet!

So every time the madness of the world walks through our door and turns our peace into worry, we react like the hobbits of The Lord of the Rings.

“Huh? The darkness threatens us? Us? How’s that? We live in Middle Earth, the most peaceful region in the universe!”

That’s what we said this week when we heard that anti-Semites had shot up two Jewish schools.

“Let me see! We are not in France or the United States! We’re in Quebec!”

Yes, friends, we are in Quebec.

And not on a distant planet in another galaxy.

As Mathieu Bock-Côté told me yesterday on QUB radio, we are so convinced that we live on the margins of History that when it knocks on our door, we are completely shaken.

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If anti-Semitism is on the rise across the planet, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be on the rise here.



It must be said that we have heard so much about Islamophobia in recent years that we had forgotten that Jews are the most targeted group of racist attacks in the country!

It’s very simple, three days after the brutal massacres against Israel, even before Israel responded, we were under the impression that it was Muslims who had cut their throats, beheaded and raped them on October 7th!

“Look, Israel is going to attack! Israel will take advantage of what happened to eradicate the Palestinian people!

Um… Excuse me, friends, but it was Hamas that attacked. It was Hamas who perpetrated the worst attack against the Jews since the end of WWII!

It was Hamas that tortured parents in front of their children, beheaded children in front of their parents, and raped young Jewish women with such savagery that their pelvises were broken when their bodies were found!

Can we put things into perspective please?

I understand that people who are paid to campaign against Islamophobia are afraid of not being in the spotlight anymore, but they are still Jews who were massacred because they were Jews, right?


So, yes, the anti-Semitic virus is now wreaking havoc among us.

And why not?

We also have universities that confuse propaganda with education.

We too have an extreme left that associates Jews with money.

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We also have immigrants who were raised to hate the Jew.

We also have radical imams who preach the use of violence.

Quebec can be a quiet place.

But the times are not.


Convinced that the only way to create jobs in Quebec is to give billions of dollars to multibillion-dollar companies, the CAQ government has decided to add two billion dollars to the debt to attract even more multinationals to our country. .

“But it will enrich the whole province”, they tell us to justify these expenses.

And won’t educating children enrich the province, Mr. Legault?

Isn’t caring for the sick and the elderly a form of enrichment?

I ask the question like this…


I hope that the reporters of the Bureau of Investigation and me they will present their apologies to the heads of the Office de consultation publique de Montréal.

No, but what is this idea of ​​holding officials to account? To justify your expenses? To show that they managed our money responsibly?

Director Isabelle Beaulieu said it: They didn’t waste public money, no sir, they were wrong!

Who hasn’t gone to a restaurant 77 times in a year on other people’s money, eh? Who hasn’t mistakenly boarded a plane bound for Brazil?

A little indulgence!


Young people don’t know how to manage their agent, we learned The newspaper yesterday

It’s time to teach them the basics of personal finance.

All right.

But remember how teachers’ unions reacted in 2017 when Education Minister Sébastien Proulx talked about creating a financial education course.

“A course invented by the banks!” thundered the president of the Autonomous Education Federation.

“A course that will offer a neoliberal view of the economy!”

In short, talking about money was diabolical.

Now, what are teachers talking about these days?


Ironic, right?