Report shows around 1,000 CCP members operating in Portugal

A report from Portugal’s Security Information Service (SIS) notes the presence of around 1,000 people linked to the Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) who live and carry out commercial activities in the country, mainly in the region of Lisbon.

The PCC is considered Brazil’s largest organized criminal network, which controls part of the vast international cocaine trafficking originating from South America and destined for the European market.

The document, which reflects a security problem that worries the Portuguese security forces and services, was presented recently within the framework of two meetings organized by the Internal Security System, according to the conclusions of the CNN Portugal.

Local prison services, during the same meetings, indicated that at least 20 CCP members are imprisoned in Portugal, the majority of whom are accused of drug trafficking.

The growing presence of the CCP in Portugal, and in particular on the south bank of the Tagus, on the border with Lisbon, is linked to the fact that the country constitutes an essential part of the trafficking route – the gateway for large expeditions of drugs to Europe, by sea. . , notably via the ports of Sines and Lisbon.

Brazil’s largest criminal faction, a movement born in the prisons of São Paulo, sends its members to Portugal to control the logistics of landing, storing and distributing large drug shipments to other European destinations, via earthly.

A business worth hundreds of millions of euros and requiring constant monitoring has two enemies: the police and rival groups trying to divert drugs from networks, the so-called “banhadas”.

There have been score-settlings linked to drug trafficking that have already resulted in shootings, with attempted or committed murders, in the Lisbon metropolitan area, involving the PCC.

In Brazil, where they direct organized crime in the favelas by making their voices heard in prisons, kidnappings, abductions and street executions linked to drug trafficking are known and frequent.

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