Restaurant service: An owner reports this fraudulent technique by a customer to get a refund

A restaurateur in the UK has warned his colleagues to be vigilant after he surprised a customer by putting a hair in his food to get a refund while watching surveillance cameras.

“I was disgusted and angry, very angry. There are people who are prepared to put a company’s reputation and their staff’s jobs on the line for a £12.95 meal,” said owner Tom Croft from The Observatory pub in Blackburn, according to “The Mirror” last Thursday.

Last week, the 32-year-old owner had to refund a 12.95-pound plate of roast beef, the equivalent of about $22, after a customer “caused a scene” at the establishment over a hair found on his spouse’s plate.

Except that after he had refunded the full amount of the dish, Tom Croft decided to look at the footage from his pub’s surveillance cameras, to make sure that all his employees had their hair tied up, the British outlet continued.

That’s when he allegedly came across the footage which showed the woman leaning over to whisper in her partner’s ear, before grabbing a strand of her hair to place it on her partner’s plate.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before. If we hadn’t found the CCTV footage, our reputation would be a major concern. People don’t want to eat in places where there are hairs in the food”, lamented the owner, who has occupied the establishment for five years.

The latter also wants to warn other companies to remain vigilant against unscrupulous people who may try “similar” schemes to walk away without paying.

“You have to keep your eyes open,” he insisted, according to “The Mirror”.