Rio de Janeiro will have a weekend with heavy rain showers

According to Alerta Rio, on Friday (27) the sky will be cloudy to partly cloudy over the city of Rio de Janeiro, with light to moderate rain forecast in isolated early morning and morning hours. Rain can exceed 5 mm/h. Between Saturday (28) and Monday (30), moderate to heavy rain showers are expected in the afternoon and evening of these days. However, temperatures are rising, reaching 35°C.

This Thursday (26), a storm frightened residents and caused disruptions in the capital Rio de Janeiro. The day practically turned into night, with heavy clouds in the sky. The weather has changed due to the passage of a cold front.

According to the City Hall Operations Center, the rains that hit the city had the greatest accumulation in the northern and western areas. Just to give you an idea, in 15 minutes in the morning, the Grajaú weather station, for example, recorded 19.2 mm. In Bangu, it was 18.2 mm; in Madureira, 17.8 mm; in Jacarepaguá/Tanque, 17.8 mm; and in Santa Cruz, 17.4 mm.

Thirty-five pockets of water were recorded on the city’s main roads, in addition to three tree falls (Cidade Nova, Laranjeiras and Vila Valqueire) and two landslides.

The municipality has entered the mobilization phase, the second level on a scale of five, and means that there is a risk of high impact events in the city, due to weather conditions and records of heavy to very heavy rain. strong, and moderate to strong. winds (up to 76 km/h) Thursday morning.

Other parts of the state

According to the State Secretariat for Civil Defense and the military firefighters of the state of Rio de Janeiro, as of Thursday evening (26), firefighters had responded to around a hundred rain-related incidents throughout the state of Rio de Janeiro. There were incidents of tree cutting, human rescue and collapse/sliding.

One of these calls took place in Duque de Caxias, Baixada Fluminense, an elderly woman fell into a canal after a wall collapsed. The resident of the Vila Ideal community, identified as Maria do Carmo Basílio, aged 78, was swept away by the waters. Firefighters and municipal Civil Protection agents search the scene to locate the victim.

“The company uses various resources such as drones and ships, which scan both the canal and the Pavuna River, where the canal empties. The search is not expected to end and will last day and night,” informed Rio firefighters spokesperson Major Fábio Contreiras.