Russian products are taking over supermarkets in this country: La Nouvelle Tribune

As a result of Western sanctions, the Russia redirect your business efforts to Africawith Algeria as a notable anchor point. This redirection is not limited to trade in agri-food products; it also extends to strategic partnerships, especially in the military and energy fields. Russia, looking for new markets for its products, finds in Algeria and other African nations like EgyptTHE evil and the Central African Republicpartners willing to collaborate.

The year 2022 saw a notable increase in imports of Russian products to Algeria, illustrating a significant expansion of trade between the two countries. This trend is part of a wider context of military and energy cooperation between Russia and several African countries. In Algeriafor example, cooperation with Russia covers various aspects, including military agreements and energy initiatives.

Expand your influence

Military cooperation is particularly notable, with Russia providing military equipment and training to countries such as Algeria, EgyptTHE evil and the Central African Republic. These partnerships highlight Russia’s growing influence in Africa and its role as a supplier of weapons and security to the region. This strategy is part of the broader framework of Russian policy aimed at expanding its geopolitical influence and countering Western influence in Africa.

In the field of energy, Russia is also collaborating with African countries to develop energy infrastructure projects, including the exploration and exploitation of energy resources. These initiatives help strengthen economic ties between Russia and Africa, while providing African countries with opportunities for energy development.

The intensification of imports of Russian products to Algeria is indicative of a broader trend of cooperation between Russia and African countries. Beyond agri-food trade, this cooperation extends to the military and energy fields, demonstrating Russia’s ambition to play an increasingly important role in Africa. This development in Russian-African relations could have important implications for the geopolitical and economic balance of the region.