Saudi Arabia signs an important cooperation protocol: La Nouvelle Tribune

Haiti took a step to expand its international relations by signing an important protocol of cooperation with theSaudi Arabia. This approach is in line with the numerous agreements that Saudi Arabia has entered into with various countries, especially African ones, thus marking its growing international commitment. The protocol covers essential areas such as HealthTHE infrastructureTHE tourismthere management of water resources and the Sustainable development goals.

This initiative, announced during the Summit Caricom-Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, demonstrates a strategic partnership between Haiti and theSaudi Arabiawhere the Haitian Prime Minister, Dr. Ariel Henryplayed a key role.

The agreement between Haiti and Saudi Arabia symbolizes a mutual desire to strengthen trade and investment relations. As part of this cooperation, the two sides aspire to promote trade, stimulate joint investments and support sustainable development. The shared commitment to peace, security and global stability was also highlighted, as well as the will to take advantage of the opportunities in the ICT sector and digital services.

A central aspect of this cooperation is the response to global climate challenges, particularly crucial for small island states like Haiti. CARICOM and Saudi Arabia have pledged to work together to combat climate change, setting ambitious emissions reduction targets and promoting renewable energy and clean technologies. This partnership focuses on equitable access to climate finance, highlighting the urgency of joint action to mitigate the impacts of climate change, protect the environment and develop clean and low-carbon energy technologies.

This cooperation between Haiti and Saudi Arabia is also a strong sign for the region caribbean. It demonstrates greater recognition of the specific problems of small island states and the need for international collaboration to address them. Efforts to achieve these goals are aligned with a global vision of sustainable development and Haiti’s economic and social progress.