She breaks down in tears after surviving the Israeli attack

Israeli strikes on the site of a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip killed at least 52, with dozens of collateral casualties, according to the Hamas Health Ministry.

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Seriously injured, a survivor of the attacks that took place on Saturday evening recounts the events.

The woman claims to have lost her husband in the attacks, while her makeshift house was reduced to ashes.

“We were on the couch, I saw nothing but a red traffic light and the house collapsing (…) my daughters were crying and screaming to be heard by their father (…) Defense “The civil force came later. to save us one after the other,” she said, adding that her husband is a “martyr”.


The woman, who broke down in tears during her CNN interview, was in the refugee camp at the time of the strikes.

The latter, located in the center of the Gaza Strip, is a few kilometers from Gaza City, almost surrounded by Israeli troops.

The IDF says it is carrying out these intensive attacks with the aim of “eradicating” Hamas, which is responsible for the October 7 terrorist attack on Israeli soil.