South Africa remembers its diplomats: La Nouvelle Tribune

South Africa made the decision to recall its diplomats present in Israel, creating a new echo in the world diplomatic community. The Minister of the Presidency, Khumbudzo Ntshavhenimade the announcement recently, citing the South African government’s grave concern over Israeli actions in the Strip. Gaza. Disappointment over Israel’s strikes on schools and clinics, as well as the closure of humanitarian routes, was cited as the main reason for the move.

The situation was further complicated by the behavior of the Israeli ambassador South Africa. Recurring derogatory comments have been reported against those who denounce the actions of the Israeli government, calling into question the ambassador’s position in the country. In response, the South African government ordered the Department of Foreign Affairs to intervene in accordance with diplomatic protocols.

In the African context, recent events, particularly the Hamas attack and the Israeli response, have provoked mixed reactions. While nations such as Senegal call for the resumption of talks, Kenya strongly condemns the Hamas attack while supporting Israel’s right to defend itself. In addition, various positions have emerged from the Maghreb with, for example, the the morocco asking for a de-escalation while theAlgeria openly shows his support for Palestine.

theSouth Africawith its historical roots linked to the Palestinian cause, it remains critical Israel. This position is reinforced by the views of the country’s Department of International Relations and Cooperation, which sees the current situation as a direct consequence of the continued occupation of Palestine.

On a continental scale, theAfrican Union it also calls for de-escalation and a return to negotiations, emphasizing the importance of a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This multitude of responses shows the complexity of Africa’s diplomatic views and alliances and highlights the need for a peaceful resolution for lasting peace in the region.