SP has 2 million without power after rain; Enel says normalization should take place on Tuesday

Enel confirmed that more than 2 million customers are without electricity in São Paulo due to rain last Friday (3). Of this number, 550,000 customers have already been supplied with electricity again.

In the capital, energy is only expected to be restored to 100% on Tuesday (7).

The most affected regions were the south and west areas of the city, according to Enel, the concessionaire responsible for energy distribution in São Paulo.

“The company has strengthened its teams in the field, in service channels and in the control center and is working around the clock to standardize energy supply for all,” the company said.

Still according to Enel, the rains and winds which felled trees in several areas of the city will require the reconstruction of many sections of the network. The dealership described the repairs as “complex.”

On Rua Crítios, in Morumbi, in the southern zone, the electricity was cut off on Friday around 4 p.m. Residents complain about the delay in resolving the problem, as well as difficulties in providing help.

In Vila Romana, in the west zone, there are also places without electricity. Resident of Rua Jaricunas, Sérgio Luís Petrasso also asks for a quote for the energy to be restored.

According to him, the dealership’s phones are not working, nor are the SMS and WhatsApp support services. “Electricity has been restored to the surrounding area, but Rua Jaricunas remains without electricity,” he said.

The storm that hit Greater São Paulo left at least six dead, according to Civil Defense. More than 24 hours after the rain, some neighborhoods in the capital São Paulo remain without electricity.

According to a partial report from Civil Defense, one of the deaths occurred inside the state, in the Limeira region, after the collapse of a wall.

In Osasco, a 21-year-old man died after a wall collapsed on Avenida Luis Rink. A falling tree hit the vehicle where the victim was. Firefighters were called, but he did not survive.

The third death occurred in the Grande ABC region, in Santo André, due to the collapse of the wall on the 18th floor of a building under construction.

Still according to Civil Defense, other falling trees caused one death in Suzano and two deaths in the eastern area of ​​São Paulo, where two people died in a vehicle.

Wind gusts reached 151 km/h in the Santos region. A total of 120 tree falls were recorded in the capital São Paulo and the metropolitan region.

Lack of energy affects supply in Greater SP

The lack of energy in some areas of São Paulo, due to heavy rains yesterday, damaged the water supply in some neighborhoods of the capital and in Greater São Paulo, reported Sabesp – the concessionaire responsible for public services basic sanitation in São Paulo – in a note. .

According to the company, there was a shutdown of installations and pumping stations, affecting the level of reservoirs and, consequently, the service in the municipalities of Itapecerica da Serra, Mauá, Cotia, Santo André, Diadema, Osasco , Barueri, Guarulhos, Taboão da Serra, Itaquaquecetuba, Biritiba Mirim and Suzano.

In the capital of São Paulo, the lack of water affects the neighborhoods of Americanópolis, São Mateus, Itaquera, Vila Mariana, Vila Clara, Santa Etelvina, Guaianases, Cidade Tiradentes, Vila Mascote, Vila Santa Catarina, Vila Joaniza, Campo Grande , Jardim. Promissão, Pedreira, Cidade Ademar, Chácara Flora, Morumbi and Capão Redondo.

Sabesp also informed that it was carrying out maneuvers, using tank trucks, to alleviate the situation and serve the most critical points.