Sudamericana: a Fortaleza fan travels by motorbike and wins a ticket to the final

Thiago de Freitas Moura, a 36-year-old Ceará passionate about Fortaleza, decided to take the risk of seeing his favorite team participate in the first international final in history. He left Porto Alegre, where he resides, at the beginning of this week and traveled 734 km by motorbike to Punta del Este, a neighboring town of Maldonado, venue of the South American Cup final this Saturday (28) , against LDU-EQU. .

One detail: no accommodation reservation or guaranteed ticket.

“I couldn’t miss this opportunity. It was the chance of a lifetime to be here alongside our players and experience the atmosphere of the final. I give my life for Leão, and even if I couldn’t enter the stadium, I would vibrate the same way outside. But I had faith and hope that something would happen,” Moura said.

Because he will be in the stands of the Domingo Burgueño stadium, during the match which will start at 5 p.m. (Brasilia time). He received a ticket from one of Conmebol’s partners for organizing the decision, as well as accommodation in the capital Montevideo, 130 km from Punta, and transport to the city of the match.

The package was delivered by Absolut Sport, the official agency of the South American confederation for the Copa Sudamericana and Libertadores, who heard of the story and decided to help the supporter.

“I didn’t believe it, I thought maybe it was a joke, but fortunately there are these enlightened people and professionals who cross our path and offer us achievements that are more like a dream,” said declared Moura, who must join 7 thousand other Fortress supporters in the stadium.

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