Taylor Swift in Brazil: how fans prepare for the singer’s shows in the country

When the singer Taylor Swift announced that she would return to Brazil after 11 years without setting foot on national soil, fans of the blonde (as the Brazilians call her) were over the moon. And after a long wait, in two weeks, the singer will finally bring the The tour of eras For the country.

Taylor to perform in Rio de Janeiro on November 17, 18, 19 and 24, 25 and 26, in São Paulo. And the singer’s fan clubs came together to surprise her during the show.

Laura Santos, 20, an advertising and marketing student, owns one of the fan clubs dedicated to the singer, Taylor Swift Daily. A fan of the singer since 2014, she remembers growing up listening to her music and, in 2020, decided to create a profile focused on the artist.

“I’ve been a fan for 9 years, since 2014. I’ve watched the Hanna Montana movie Taylor appears in, taken ballet classes, and danced to ‘Red’ songs. I remember her very well in the Xuxa program, but I was still a child and had just entered the world of the Internet. Until I bought a tablet and started watching TVZ a lot. That’s how I recognized Taylor and became a fan,” says the young woman, in an interview with CNN.

Fans prepare for Taylor Swift concert in Brazil / Reproduction

Eras Light Brazil Project

With so much time to wait, the singer’s fans came together to do something special to mark her visit to the country. Laura says that a group of fans came together in the Eras Light Brasil project, with the aim of creating a representation of the Brazilian flag using the light of cell phone flashlights.

In addition, other actions are planned by Taylor Swift Brasil and the Update Swift Brasil group. For example, raising your hand during the song “The Archer” to show unconditional support for the singer. When she asks “who can stay,” fans hope to make it clear that they are still on the artist’s side.

Other initiatives include throwing confetti during the song “Long Live” and, finally, calls (interactions with Taylor through music). Among these calls, the highlights are the cry of “1,2,3 let’s go bitch” in “Delicate”, the phrase “you forgive, you forget, but you never let go” in “Bad Blood” and the chorus from “Taylor, You’ll Be Okay” in “Anti-Hero”.

Eras Light Brasil was responsible for creating the idea of ​​using the Brazilian flag, while the others were born from a form prepared by Update Swift Brasil, in which fans could contribute their suggestions.

Taylor Swift fans’ inspiration to create the “friendship bracelet” began in 2019; see details / Reproduction/Taylor Swift/Instagram

Friendship bracelets

Additionally, another special feature of Taylor’s show will be the exchange of friendship bracelets between fans. The tradition began thanks to one of the singer’s songs: “You’re alone, Kid”, in which she quotes the famous “friendship bracelets.

Fans then began to create their own, always very colorful, full of pearls, with stars, references to other songs or striking expressions from the blonde. The idea, in addition to celebrating the show, is to keep a special memory of the singer’s performance.

Laura says there are no rules about changing bracelets, but reveals what her expectations are at the moment during shows in Brazil. “I planned to make the bracelets. First, I made myself bracelets. Then I made it for friends and people I really care about on Twitter. I’ve created about 70 bracelets for friends and people on Twitter. Next, I got ready to make the bracelets to exchange. I thought 50 was a lot and 20 was a little. So I made 30 bracelets to change per day. That’s 90 bracelets.