Temperatures will be very high until the 19th at the earliest, a meteorologist told CNN.

Temperatures in several regions of Brazil will be very high until November 19, he said. CNN meteorologist Guilherme Borges, from Climatempo, Saturday evening (11).

“At least until the 19th, temperatures are expected to be very high in many parts of the country. We expect the 19th (the heatwave) to start losing its intensity,” he said.

According to Borges, this is the first time that a heat wave has been predicted in the country for so many consecutive days. Brazil, he said, is entering its fourth heat wave in 2023: “The trend is for extremely high temperatures in the coming years. »

“There’s a mix of things going on. El Niño has a great influence on these heat waves that hit our country,” he added. Borges also said that the phenomenon is intensified by global warming, caused by pollution of the planet.

The expert explained that with the stabilization of El Niño and the continuation of pollution on the planet, the global temperature tends to increase by 1.5ºC in the short term. He also said that it is up to the people to fight pollution to prevent this from happening.

VIDEO – Sunday it will be hot in a large part of the country

*Published by Pedro Jordão, from CNN in Sao Paulo