the Chinese company Huawei deploys ambitious solutions: La Nouvelle Tribune

In the heart of the Malian capital, the Radisson Collection hotel in Bamako has become the scene of an energy revolution. Huawei Technologies Mali SARL, in collaboration with Envol Technology, organized the Digital Power Day, presenting its cutting-edge solar and hybrid energy solutions. These innovations, called Power-M and Power-S, paint a bright future for Mali’s energy transition, which spans both the public and private sectors.

Faced with a continental challenge, where less than half of the residents of sub-Saharan Africa have access to electricity, Huawei emphasizes the need for renewable energy. Taking advantage of Africa’s exceptional solar potential, the Chinese company aims to make green energy a major pillar of African energy consumption over the next decade.

Mr. Enzo, head of Huawei Mali, expressed the company’s technological vision. Emphasizing the fundamental role of digital technologies in maximizing Mali’s solar potential, he also affirmed Huawei’s commitment to work closely with public and private entities in the country. The goal? Facilitate and accelerate the Malian energy transition while reducing the carbon footprint.

The solutions Power-M I Power-S embody this ambition. The first, a hybrid energy solution, is particularly suitable for areas that lack stable grid connectivity. As for the Power-S, it is intended for the energy needs of the commercial and industrial sectors, providing reliable and continuous power for various infrastructures ranging from farms to shopping malls.

Birama Diourté, of the Ministry of Energy, recognized the potential of these innovations. According to him, the integration of these technologies into solid electrification programs could significantly improve the living conditions of Malians. He also invited the actors present to put these initiatives at the service of Mali’s energy development.

With the presence of representatives from the Renewable Energy Agency and the Mali Agency for Domestic Energy Development, the event provided an enriching exchange platform. It is clear that Huawei, with its expertise and innovative solutions, is poised to play a key role in Mali’s energy journey towards a more sustainable future.