The Court upholds the arrest of two suspects linked to Hezbollah

The Federal Court of São Paulo maintained the arrest of Lucas Passos Lima and Jean Carlos de Souza, arrested this week during Operation Trapiche, by the Federal Police. They are suspected of being involved in Hezbollah. Both men have denied any links to the radical Islamic group.

During the custody hearing held yesterday afternoon, Lucas denied any connection with Hezbollah. Stranded at Guarulhos airport while returning to Brazil from Lebanon, he said he was in the Middle Eastern country because of “proposals for business growth.”

“There’s no way to do that. You leave a place to become part of a warring group.

Another heard during the custody hearing, Jean Carlos said that he is a business recruiter, who travels a lot and who is used to being arrested by the federal police looking for drug trafficking. drug.

“This is absurd. I am not a terrorist. He also stressed that he was willing to provide any details.

Search for a new suspect

Federal police continue to search for other names suspected of having links to Hezbollah. This Friday the 10th, another search and seizure warrant (text from Renata Agostini’s link earlier) against another person suspected of having links with the radical Islamic group Hezbollah was executed.

The searches took place in Goiás, where the suspect was also questioned. This is the sixth objective of Operation Trapiche, launched on Wednesday (8) to dismantle a group that was planning acts of terrorism in Brazil.

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