the cry comes to the victims to judge – La Nouvelle Tribune

The Court for the Repression of Economic Crimes and Terrorism he will now bring his judgments closer to the victims to judge cases of people’s morality. The General Assembly of Magistrates of Criet made this decision “to facilitate access to the Court for poor litigants or those who live too far from the headquarters of the Criet”, according to the information communicated by RFI.

In fact, in relation to acts of rape, marriage and sexual harassment, more than 500 cases were presented to the Crimes Chamber in 2022.
But, due to a lack of means to ensure their travel to the Court for the Repression of Economic Crimes and Terrorism or to guarantee their accommodation during the sentence, indigent victims are absent from the trials. This causes slowness in court proceedings.

Faced with this situation, the General Assembly of magistrates of the cried considered it better to bring the hearings closer to the cases of rape, forced marriage and sexual harassment of the victims. Thus, the first mobile hearings will begin on November 27, 2023. Each month a mobile hearing will be scheduled in the courts.