The holiday grocery deals are about to begin

The day after Halloween, businesses will go into holiday mode. After all, even for grocery stores, these two months are the most important of the year.

So I analyzed last year’s price data to try to predict what our holiday spending might look like this year on several favorite products. Keep this guide handy because you can refer back to it to see if you got a good deal or not.


2022 Best Price: $1.88/lb

We were able to see $1.99/lb a few times last year. This year, we may see turkeys for less than $2.29/lb just a few times, don’t miss your chance. The best prices are usually during the last two weeks of November and no later than the first week of December. If you go too early or at the last minute, you can probably find good prices, but not the best of the season. Also be wary of turkeys advertised at a fixed price, it may be worth calculating the cost per pound to determine if you’re getting a good deal.

Meats in fondue

2022 Best Price: $4.77 (300g)

This year’s meat offerings were very similar to last year’s. So I’d expect to see the 300g frozen pack around $4.77 or slightly higher, like $4.99. Deals are less predictable for this category, but we can expect three or four big deals across all channels in November and December, and you’ll want to keep an eye on the circulars so you don’t miss them when they come out.

Fondue sauces and broths

Best Price 2022: $2.77 (1L Canton Broth or Canton Sauce 180ml)

Despite this best price of $2.77, the most frequent offers were $2.99. I’m expecting $3.29 more this year and if you see less than that price, you’re getting a great deal! Looking ahead to 2022, the first two weeks of December will be the best to find deals on flyers.

Christmas registration

There are too many brands and varieties to narrow down the best deal, but if there’s one thing you can save on, it’s records. In fact, you can pay about four times less by making it yourself. It’s less complicated than it sounds and not many people know, but most recipes can be prepared a month in advance and frozen until December 24th without affecting the taste or texture. Not only will you save money, but by cooking it ahead of time you’ll reduce stress in the days leading up to the festivities.

Vacations are expensive, but there are always ways to get good deals without breaking the bank. Stay tuned for part two of this guide next week.