The impossible understanding between Xi and Biden

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Xi Jinping will meet with Joe Biden on Wednesday. The most surprising thing about this rapprochement between China and the United States is the immense desire of certain American leaders to believe in the good intentions of the Xi government.

However, nothing has changed in Xi’s policies. On the contrary, he continues undisturbed the restoration of the Maoist path in his country, with all the consequences this entails.

In the name of fighting corruption, Xi has removed all his rivals from power. He drove the Chinese economy into turbulent waters by advocating a modern version of the self-reliance cherished by Mao. The social credit system he launched is an ultra-sophisticated mechanism of electronic surveillance and reporting. Like Mao, he tried, with more or less success, to build around himself a cult of personality.

Rich versus poor

Internationally, like Mao, he seeks to pit poor countries against rich countries (conveniently forgetting that China is now one of the rich countries). In addition, it violated the Hong Kong treaty, strengthened Chinese expansionism in the China Sea, and mercilessly suppressed the Uyghurs in its territory. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he lied about the severity of the virus and refused to cooperate. Chinese spying has increased, including with Huawei and surveillance balloons. He took political hostages, especially in the legal conflict between himself and Canada.

In the Ukrainian conflict, Xi is supplying Russia with non-lethal military equipment and buying Russian gas and oil at bargain prices. It would not be surprising to learn that China is helping North Korea produce ammunition for Russia.

In recent days, Xi has arrested Chinese financial stars who could eclipse him. He even forged for the occasion a new concept, contradictory in its terms, that of “Marxist finance”.


Of course, Chinese and American leaders need to talk to each other. They must also try to solve certain common international problems. However, as long as Xi and his entourage remain in power, China will move away from the period of responsible cooperation of Deng Xiaoping and his successors.

On the contrary, Xi’s policies are marked by the stamp of distrust.

Xi’s policies do not meet the aspirations of the Chinese people. As evidence, last year’s anti-Xi demonstrations. Competent Chinese leaders are likely to be patiently waiting for Xi to leave.

Presumably, following the meeting between Xi and Biden, China will consolidate its presence in the American market. In return, Biden will want to believe in better cooperation from China in several areas, especially on the environment and drug trafficking. Better illusory cooperation.