The prosecution denounces Cruzeiro and Coritiba to the STJD and requests preventive sanctions

Ronaldo Piacente, general prosecutor of the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD), denounced Cruzeiro and Coritiba by asking the clubs to operate behind closed doors in this final stretch of the Brazilian Championship. In addition, a request was filed for the loss of field orders, fines, expulsion of organized supporters and the closure of Vila Capanema, venue of the match.

The request was made this Tuesday (14) due to the invasion of supporters and brawls on the field during Cruzeiro’s 1-0 defeat, against Coritiba, last Saturday (11), at the Durival Britto stadium, in Curitiba , in Parana.

From now on, the decision rests with the president of the STJD, José Perdiz. The request made by Ronaldo Piacente may be accepted in its entirety, modified or refused. Cruzeiro, aware of possible sanctions, suspended ticket sales for home matches. There is still no date for the formal trial at STJD.

Ronaldo Piacente has already revealed that both clubs should be punished based on article 213 of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice (CBJD). The maximum penalty is loss of control of the field in ten matches.

Although the initial sanction provided for in the article is a fine of up to R$100,000, the first paragraph emphasizes that the sanction can be the loss of command on the field for a maximum of ten matches. A heavier sentence may be imposed “when the disorder, invasion or throwing of objects is extremely serious or harms the progress of the sporting event”.

The Minas Gerais Public Prosecutor’s Office recommended, this Monday (13), the banning of Mafia Azul and Pavilhão Independente, two Cruzeiro organizations that invaded the stadium during the defeat against the Paraná team. The sanction would apply to all stadiums in Brazil.

Remember the fight

As soon as Coritiba opened the scoring, in the final minutes of the match, dozens of Cruzeiro supporters invaded the Durival de Britto pitch. From this point on, fans of the home club were also able to enter the pitch.

The two groups engaged in a general clash, which only ended after the police managed to enter the field. Rubber bullets and sound bombs were used.

Cruzeiro and Coritiba supporters are historically rivals. The main organization of the celestial club is an ally of groups linked to Athletico-PR, just as those organized by Atlético-MG are allies of Coxa supporters.

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