The war on private schools is an unjust war

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We talked about theprivate school these daysas part of the National Council of the Parti Québécois.

And every time, we talk about it in the same way, as if it were a problematic, fundamentally illegitimate institution that needs to be abolished and set in motion.

It is a mistake, and a serious mistake, and even more so when public schools are collapsing at high speed, and are no longer able to transmit elementary knowledge, and they also do not know how to transmit culture.

Private school then presents itself as a lifeline.

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Private schools are criticized for selecting according to the behavior of students and according to their academic profile, that is, according to their grades.

However, this is its greatest virtue.

First for the behavior. Let’s break this taboo: Schools pay a heavy price for including struggling students in classes at any cost.

Unruly students condemn teachers to full-time discipline, discipline they are not even allowed to do, because if they showed even the slightest show of authority, they would be accused of bullying students.

In a normal world, we would put the struggling students in a separate class and stop making them a burden to all those who want to teach and learn calmly.

Likewise, it is normal for private schools to select based on grades. Thus, it aims to create an environment of excellence.

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I point out that it is not perfect.

But it offers, let’s say it again, a lifeline as the public school system crumbles before us. It would be immoral to make his life more difficult.

I would even add that it should serve as an example to the public, where so many teachers work admirably, despite an education system that prevents them from doing their job.

We are far from that.