The White House accuses Elon Musk of promoting anti-Semitism – La Nouvelle Tribune

Elon Muskthe visionary behind the social network X, is at the center of a great controversy. The White House reacted strongly to his recent comments, accusing him promote anti-Semitism. Musk had responded to a post on his network, stating that Jews encouraged ” hatred against whites“, comments he apparently supported, thereby provoking the outrage of the US administration.

Criticism against Elon Musk after the start of the war

As a reminder, while the conflict between Israel and the Hamas was ramping up and after an internet outage in the Gaza Strip just as the Israeli offensive began, a call was made to Elon Musk to use his satellite network. Starlink to restore communications. A decision that was not rejected by the billionaire.

The hashtag #starlinkforgaza quickly gained popularity on Twitter, following the isolation of Gaza caused by the new Israeli army bombings. In response, Musk, via his X social network, announced that Starlink would support connectivity with humanitarian organizations in Gaza. This initiative was inspired by the aid provided by Musk to Ukraine the previous year but did not sit well with the Israelis who accused Elon Musk of supporting terrorists although he denied it.

Musk’s posts are seen by the White House as validation of an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, which is often propagated by white nationalists. This theory accuses Jews of conspiring to encourage illegal immigration to Western countries, with the aim of destabilizing the white majority.

Lies according to the White House

Andrew Batesa White House spokesman, condemned the comments, calling them ” hateful lie » and remembering that they go against the fundamental principles of the United States. He emphasized the importance of rejecting any form of speech that harms the dignity and safety of American citizens.

Elon Musk decided to respond by signing up toAnti-Defamation League (ADL), an organization that fights anti-Semitism. He accused the ADL of baselessly attacking the Western majority, while claiming that this majority supports Jewish communities and Israel. He suggested that the ADL, as a matter of principle, avoid criticizing certain minority groups, which he (editor’s note: Musk) sees as the main threat to Jews. This situation has given rise to a broad debate on freedom of expression and the responsibility of public figures in the management of their platforms.