Theft of machine guns: only five soldiers remain in disciplinary prison

Among the 19 soldiers sentenced to disciplinary imprisonment for omission or negligence in the case of the theft of machine guns at the Army War Arsenal in Barueri, in the São Paulo metropolitan area, only five remain in prison.

A third of the soldiers punished were sentenced to terms of one to five days. People with more responsibilities were punished for ten to twenty days. The sentences began to be served on Wednesday (25).

Video: Two more weapons stolen from SP are found in Rio

Among those punished are senior officers, captains, lieutenants and warrant officers who had responsibility for the management, inspection and control of weapons.

According to CNN As administratively sanctioned military personnel observe, they may nevertheless receive other military sanctions. Temporary employees, such as third-party privates, corporals and sergeants, cannot have their contracts renewed. Officers may submit to justification and disciplinary counseling, which may lead to expulsion from the army.

In the early hours of Wednesday (1st), two more .50 caliber machine guns from the Army War Arsenal were recovered in Rio de Janeiro. Thus, of the 21 weapons stolen from the barracks, 19 have already been located.

The operation took place in collaboration with the Southeast Military Command (SEMC) and the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police.

In addition to the army weapons, a 7.62 caliber rifle was also seized, the origin of which is under investigation.

In a statement, the army said that “it considers this episode unacceptable and will continue to make all necessary efforts to recover all weapons as quickly as possible and hold all perpetrators accountable.”

The Army has already requested the Military Court for the preventive arrest of six soldiers suspected of being involved in the theft. They also had the violation of banking and telematics secrecy authorized by the Court.