These famous tech billionaires come together in a project: La Nouvelle Tribune

The founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, assumed the presidency of the venture capital fund Village Global, marking an important step in the development of this investment company. Village Global will also host its annual CEO Summit titled “The Grove” in November. This news was received with enthusiasm by the technology world, as it reflects the importance of networks in the success of startups.

The $250 million Global Village Fund is getting strong backing from high-profile tech billionaires. Among them are names like Bill Gatesthe co-founder of Microsoft, Michael Dell by Dell Technologies Inc. and the former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. These influential Silicon Valley figures see Village Global as a powerful technology network that provides valuable support to startup founders.

A unique network that attracts the technological elite

What makes Village Global unique is its close connection between wealthy investors and tech CEOs. The venture capital firm managed to raise the majority of its latest $250 million fund from these known numbers. It also benefits from institutional support from multifamily offices, university endowments and sovereign wealth funds, including Saudi venture capital fund Sanabil Investments.

The Grove: An annual highlight

Every year, Village Global hosts an exclusive event called “The Grove” that brings together billionaire business executives and investors from the world of technology. Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andMe, is also hosting a special women-only gathering at the event. This year, The Grove will be held in mid-November in the Bay Area. This initiative reflects Reid Hoffman’s emphasis on relationships as the founder of LinkedIn.

A competitive advantage for investments

In addition to strengthening the network of relationships, The Grove provides a competitive investment advantage to Village Global. Shishir Mehrotra, CEO of Coda, emphasizes that Reid Hoffman and his team take relationships very seriously. This philosophy positions them as excellent investors, allowing them to spot business opportunities that others might overlook.