Thiago Neves reveals Cruzeiro players’ ‘framework’: ‘I thought I was going to get hit’

Important in Cruzeiro’s relegation to Serie B, Thiago Neves recalled the demands of Raposa’s players during the home stretch of the 2019 Brazilian Championship.

The revolt of the “heavenly medallions” was due to the fact that the former attacking midfielder had attended a concert while nursing an injury. The report was given in an interview this weekend with ESPN’s Bola da Vez.

“The first thing that happened (after the show) was a meeting in the locker room with the main players. Henrique, Fábio, Dedé, Léo, Edilson… they came together and highlighted me. I even thought I was going to get beaten up, because the locker room had a small entrance. So when you sat down, there was no way out. The “P” Henrique of life, Fábio speaking respectfully, but also angry,” Thiago said.

“Everyone was angry, but at the same time sad, because they didn’t know I would do this. Disappointed. Everyone was talking, but it was also, “Man, I can’t believe you did that.” Why, Thiago? You are a guy we trust. It could be any player, but not you. And at the same time, everyone was furious. They were all angry,” he added.


From heaven to hell in Cruzeiro, Thiago Neves saw his fall with the celestial jersey begin on November 28, 2019, when he missed a penalty during the decisive duel against the CSA, during the 35th day of the Brasileirão.

Even though he was going through a difficult time, the former player went to a show on December 1, the day before a match against Vasco, in Serie A. The then midfielder was recovering from an injury .

The following day, Thiago Neves was expelled from the club by football manager Zezé Perrella. In the duel against Vasco, in the 36th round of the Series A, Cruzeiro ended up being beaten 1-0. Six days later, after losing 2-0 against Palmeiras, in Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte, the celestial team been relegated.