This Alaskan town won’t see the sun again until January

The sun set for the last time of the year Saturday evening in Utqiagvik, Alaska, and won’t rise until late January.

Located in the northern tip of the American state, this city experiences the phenomenon of polar nights every year, that is, complete days without sun a month before and after the winter solstice, reports the New York Post.

This phenomenon occurs throughout the Arctic Circle.

The municipality, however, will have the right to twilight hours of approximately six hours a day, while the sun will be less than 6 degrees from the surface.

The next sunrise is scheduled for January 23rd at 13:09 local time.

According to people living in Utqiagvik, the months of December and January are difficult for morale due to the lack of daylight.

Light therapy and vitamin D are used to counteract these effects.

In summer, the city experiences the opposite effect when, for a period of two months, it is entitled to 24 hours of sunshine a day.