this is what Putin and al-Sissi said to each other: La Nouvelle Tribune

During a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin I Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Held on November 14, the Russian and Egyptian presidents addressed crucial issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At the center of their discussions, the delicate situation in the Gaza Strip was the center of concern. The two leaders unanimously expressed their desire to end the bloodshed that is cruelly affecting civilian populations, in particular the thousands of children and women caught in the heart of this devastating conflict.

This discussion between Poutine I al-Sissi it was marked by an undeniable humanitarian impulse. The two heads of state strongly called for an end to the obstacles to the delivery of vital humanitarian aid to the region, a crucial step to alleviate the suffering of the residents of Gaza. They also spoke about the need to release the hostages, which signified their commitment to protect the lives of people caught up in this deadly conflict.

In a gesture of recognition, Vladimir Putin expressed his gratitude to his Egyptian counterpart for the valuable and comprehensive assistance provided by Egypt during the evacuation of Russian citizens from the Gaza Strip. This gesture underlines the importance of relations between the two countries and their collaboration in times of crisis.

In addition, emphasis was placed on the shared vision of Moscow and Cairo to resolve the conflict in the Middle East. Both leaders reaffirmed their support for the creation of an independent Palestinian state, underlining their commitment to a lasting and peaceful solution.

The Egyptian presidency also reported it Poutine I al-Sissi agree to intensify their efforts to achieve a ceasefire. They discussed practical arrangements to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid and the evacuation of foreign nationals and wounded from Gaza, thus demonstrating their common desire to alleviate the suffering of the affected populations.