Tram abandonment by the CAQ: Dominique Brown felt “deeply humiliated”

In a post on his personal Facebook page Thursday morning, businessman Dominique Brown reacted strongly to the Quebec government’s decision to withdraw the public transportation project from Quebec City.

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A well-known entrepreneurial figure in Quebec, Dominique Brown founded the video game creation studio Beenox in 2000 before acquiring Chocolats Favoris about ten years ago.

“As a citizen of Quebec, I wake up this morning deeply humbled. Regardless of our allegiance to the project, to be shut down like this and managed remotely is nothing short of insulting. Offering help and expertise on a project of this scale makes a lot of sense, but (continuing) to be dictated by our needs as capital and to have project management taken away from us is another thing,” wrote Mr. Brown.

The mayor crushed

On Wednesday, the CAQ not only rejected Quebec Mayor Bruno Marchand’s streetcar project, but also tasked the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) with finding a public transportation project for the capital

The CDPQ manages the Metropolitan Transportation Network (REM) in Montreal, which, after delays in its delivery and cost overruns, has experienced setbacks since it was put into operation last July.

The CDPQ estimated that it could make an 8% return operating the REM. On the other hand, observers have denounced non-compete clauses in the REM that lead to reductions in public transport service.

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“Lack of respect”

In this discussion on Facebook, François Blais, chef and owner of Bistro B, agreed with Dominique Brown. He added: “Unfortunately, I doubt if this project had been carried out with an iron fist this would have happened. It was a poorly planned project, too expensive, poorly sold and above all poorly managed. So it was the next logical step.”

To which Mr. Brown responded: “Quebec City probably should have turned to the experience of the CDPQ a long time ago. My reaction this morning is not about the project as such, but about our ability to determine our future as residents of the capital, one way or the other. It makes no sense for our mayor to be bashed like this. “It’s disrespectful to the citizens of the city, once again, regardless of whether you’re for or against”.

It has been joined The newspaper, Mr. Brown declined our interview request.

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