Tram: Don’t fly high on social media

Like conspiracy theorists at the height of the pandemic, anti-traves have gone wild on social media this week, rotting the web with defamatory comments, some more degrading than others, especially after a post by the former candidate for mayor of Quebec, Anne Guérette.

Given the content of the abject remarks we found under his post we asked why he didn’t delete them.

To find out her position and intentions regarding these particularly disgusting comments about me, I contacted Anne Guérette, who became a columnist for CHOI Radio X, yesterday morning.

Mme Guérette began by telling me that she had simply said, in this post, that she strongly disagreed with my comments, during a column in LCN. She then acknowledged that she saw the comments last night before going to bed, that it “wasn’t very nice,” but that she also has “other things to do,” that she “never moderates the person,” and that she’s not in control . their social networks.

He then adds that he has intervened a few times in the past, but “he may have gotten away with that one.”

The former mayoral candidate also told me that “she doesn’t even know these people”, that “she also eats them from time to time” and that she “doesn’t care anymore”. “But if I can help you, I’ll be happy.”

Rain of insults, without arguments

For example, under the post that had close to 150 comments at the start of the day on Friday, most men called me a pig, empty vase, fat, sour, sucker, etc.

My physical appearance is attacked, my credibility and my professionalism are attacked, but without ever arguing. People insult and spew scorn profusely, attacking being a woman. One constant: everything that is transmitted has absolutely nothing to do with a debate of ideas. We are in a situation of ease and intimidation, hidden behind a screen.

Contrary to what Mme Guérette, it’s not a good idea to “not worry anymore”. On the contrary, we really need to stand up and take action to stop it.

This involves moderating comments on our posts, deleting them if necessary, and blocking people who insult instead of arguing. A few hours after my call, several comments had been deleted, but the insults remained.

I salute you whore

I invite the former candidate for mayor to listen to the excellent documentary I salute you whoreby Léa Clermont-Dion and Guylaine Maroist, on misogyny in the digital age.

Presented in fifteen countries, this film tells the story of four women who saw their lives turned upside down by waves of sexist cyberbullying. This is precisely the kind of wave I experienced under your post.

So, better aware, maybe Anne Guérette will be able to understand that we cannot afford to take this type of incident on social media lightly.