Transfers from former Zambelli adviser to hacker were intended to pay for whiskey, says PF

The Federal Police (PF) concluded that the money transferred by the former advisor of MP Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) to the hacker Walter Delgatti is not linked to the invasion of the systems of the National Council of Justice (CNJ ).

The transfers, totaling R$10,500, were intended to pay for bottles of whiskey, according to a partial investigation report.

The PF’s conclusion contradicts the hacker’s version. Delgatti said in a statement to federal police that the money was part of the payment intended to invade “any judicial system.”

The transfers were made in February, via Pix, by advisor Renan Goulart, who now works with Carla Zambelli’s brother, state deputy Bruno Zambelli (PL-SP).

“The elements collected support that Walter Delgatti Neto supplied bottles of whiskey to Renan Cesar Silva Goulart and that the latter resold them, in whole or in part, to Luan Rocha Brito,” indicates an extract from the report.

Delgatti’s defense claims he received around R$40,000 to try to get into the justice system. The Federal Police report only refers to R$10,500. The rest, according to lawyer Ariovaldo Moreira, who represents the hacker, would have been delivered in cash to São Paulo.

The investigation is nearing its conclusion. So far, the PF has found no evidence that the MP was aware of the attacks on the CNJ’s systems or the transactions between his then advisor and the hacker.

A CNN has contacted Zambelli and Delgatti and is awaiting a response.

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