Two class actions against Tesla Canada authorized by Superior Court

Two law firms in Montreal and Granby announced Wednesday that last September the Superior Court issued two rulings authorizing class actions against carmaker Tesla in Canada.

In the first case, the target vehicles are Tesla Model 3 and Y models manufactured since 1er January 2018. The plaintiff alleges the appearance of premature paint deterioration problems.

To date, more than 25,000 Tesla Models 3 and Y vehicles have been sold in Quebec since they went on sale.

In the second case, the plaintiff accuses Tesla of unilaterally ceasing to provide the Premium Connectivity service included with the purchase of all Tesla-branded cars sold between 1er July 2018 and May 18, 2020.

Tesla is accused of charging and collecting a connectivity fee from owners so they could continue to take advantage of Premium service, or terminating connectivity service from people who refused to pay.

The lawyers note that premium services were finally reinstated at no cost in May 2020 for these vehicles.

The firms of BG Avocat, of Montreal, and CBL Avocats, of Granby, invite people who own or still own a Tesla car covered by one or other of the authorized class actions to contact the plaintiffs’ lawyers.

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