“Two exciting days”: they hit the jackpot… the day after their wedding

Newlywed life got off to a great start for a Michigan couple who decided to treat themselves to a scratch-off ticket the day after the ceremony, winning $1 million.

“I bought the ticket the day after my wedding and gave it to my wife to scratch. When she revealed the price of ($1 million), we were in disbelief. (…) It’s been an exciting two days for to us”, the 57-year-old husband, who asked to remain anonymous, rejoiced last Wednesday in “Michigan Lottery Connect”.

Last week, the Livingston County, Michigan couple hit the $1 million jackpot after the 50-year-old decided to buy a “Diamond & Pearls” ticket in the Michigan Lottery the day after ‘exchange wedding vows with his new wife.

Leaving the honor of scratching it to him, he then revealed the winning sum of $1 million, which corresponds to the highest amount possible to win.

“We reread the instructions over and over to make sure we really won,” the new husband said in the statement, reported by “Fox Business.”

So the man chose to receive the amount at once, equivalent to US$693,000 after tax, instead of annual payments for the full amount. He, in passing, mentioned wanting to invest the amount.