Ukraine admits impasse, Russia responds – La Nouvelle Tribune

Faced with a dragging conflict, the Ukrainian general Valery Zaluzhny recently made surprising confessions to the British site The economist. Despite a major counter-offensive launched in June, Zalouzhny admits it did not have the desired impact. His comments highlight the challenges he facesUkraine in its confrontation with Russia, despite the enormous losses suffered by the latter.

Zaluzhny acknowledges that Ukraine made several mistakes in planning and executing its counteroffensive. He had hoped that by inflicting heavy losses on Russia, including the disappearance of more than 150,000 Russian soldiers, the conflict might have ended. ” In any country, these losses would have ended the war“, he stressed. However, despite these losses, Russia did not give up.

A void with the realities on the ground

Ukraine’s tactical approach also proved out of step with the reality on the ground. By relying on conventional strategies inspired by textbooksNATO, Zaluzhny believed that four months would be enough to launch an offensive in Crimea. But the expected results never came.

The operational challenges were numerous: first a change of command, then an adjustment of troops. But the real obstacle was the technological advances that made any discreet operation almost impossible. Zaluzhny’s call for innovation, particularly in drones, electronic warfare and anti-artillery capabilities, reflects an urgent need for modernization.

Support came late

Ukraine also criticizes Western aid. If Zaluzhny appreciates the Western arms deliveries, he stresses that some came too late to significantly influence the course of the conflict. It highlights the importance of long-range missiles and tanks that would have been essential the previous year.

In response to Ukraine’s statements, the Russia he quickly positioned himself. Dmitry PeskovKremlin spokesman, refuted the notion of a ” dead end » in the Ukrainian conflict. Despite the difficulties mentioned by Zaluzhny, Peskov assures that Russia ” relentlessly continues its special military operation » and is determined to achieve her goals. In fact, in recent weeks, the Russian army has resumed the offensive Avdiivka and almost Kupyanskdemonstrating his determination to pursue his military ambitions.

This saga shows that the situation in Ukraine remains complex and fluctuating. While Kiev acknowledges its challenges and calls for modernization, Russia remains resolutely committed to its operations, refusing to acknowledge stagnation. The outcome of the conflict remains uncertain, but one thing is certain: both sides are far from a peaceful settlement.