Vaccination against Covid-19 will be the subject of an annual campaign for children and groups at risk

The Covid-19 vaccine will enter the childhood vaccination schedule from 2024. Vaccination will be aimed at children aged 6 months and up to 5 years.

Vaccination against the disease will also be included in the annual vaccination schedule for groups considered most at risk, such as the elderly, pregnant women, healthcare workers and people with permanent disabilities.

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During a press conference held this Tuesday morning (31) by the Ministry of Health, the Secretary of Health and Environmental Surveillance, Ethel Maciel, informed that Brazil must have a vaccine against Covid -19 remodeled every year, as already happens with the flu. vaccine.

Still according to the secretary, the incorporation of the vaccine that protects against the coronavirus into the national vaccination schedule is a change in line with current guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO).

“We have 42 people dying every day in Brazil, so the alert is still important. Covid-19 is a surveillance disease for the Ministry of Health,” the secretary stressed.

See the groups which will be prioritized in the annual vaccination campaign against Covid-19:

  • children aged 6 months to under 5 years
  • age
  • immunocompromised,
  • pregnant and postpartum women
  • healthcare workers
  • people with comorbidities
  • indigenous, riverine and quilombola
  • people living in long-term care facilities and their workers
  • people with permanent disabilities
  • persons deprived of liberty over 18 years old
  • adolescents and young people respecting socio-educational measures
  • employees of the custodial system
  • the homeless